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avocado, rice, nori

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eel, avocado, unagi sauce, rice

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tiger shrimp, cucumber, rice

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salmon, cucumber, rice

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salmon, rice

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tuna, rice

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cold smoked salmon, sesame seeds, rice

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cucumber, sesame seeds, rice

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tuna, Philadelphia cheese, rice

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sea scallop, chuka, rice

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Order poppies for home and office in Odessa in any area - restaurant Pomodoro

Poppies rolls in Odessa is a popular type of Japanese food served as sushi. The main ingredient of the dish is rice soaked in sauce, complemented by red fish or eel. Due to the similarity of ingredients between order sushi in Odessa and maki, the taste of these dishes is similar to each other, therefore it is familiar to gourmets who are in love in the culinary masterpieces of the eastern country.

Hand rolls for connoisseurs of a simple and tasty snack

Masty sushi maki in Odessa belong to rolls that are rolled by hand - hand rolls. You can cook such snacks without a special tool and makisu, so poppies at home in Odessa are the best option for a quick snack, when you no longer have the strength to wait for lunch. Restaurant Pomodoro offers to order poppies to the office in Odessa, differing in size and fillings - chumaki, futomaki , hosomaki. Thin roll with a small filling or large rolls with a full set of ingredients, which are divided into a portion of 6-8 pieces - the menu contains offers for gourmets with different taste preferences. It is also worth trying Japanese snacks in Odessa and Japanese soups in Odessa .

Fast delivery of your favorite rolls to home and office

The main difference by which poppies at home in Odessa differ from ordinary rolls is the quantity ingredients. Classic poppies in Odessa consist only of rice, nori and one kind of filling. But at the request of the client, the chefs of the Japanese cuisine restaurant are ready to diversify the composition of the maki. The advantages, thanks to which clients return to Pomodoro to order maki in Odessa, they call:
  • fast delivery of maki to the office in Odessa in any area of ​​the city due to the developed restaurant chain;
  • high quality service and pleasant courier service;
  • a wide variety in the menu;
  • adherence to the classic recipe and interesting modifications by the chefs themselves;
  • favorable prices and discounts for regular customers.
The restaurant offers to order poppies at home in Odessa from the chef, differing in a variety of fillings. The service delivery of poppies in Odessa is the optimal solution for breakfast, business lunch and dinner in friendly company. In food delivery restaurant Pomodoro you can buy poppies in Odessa for every taste by placing an order at any convenient time. The chefs of the restaurant regularly update the assortment of dishes in order to diversify the menu with new products. Observing the traditions of preparing Japanese dishes, the chefs offer customers to enjoy the bright flavors of the delicacies of the eastern country.
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